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Ye Lu (Calgary)

Ye is a highly accomplished musician who began her musical journey at the age of 4. She demonstrated exceptional talent and dedication to music, and passed her level 10 exam at 9 years old in China. Her passion and talent for music continued to flourish as she grew older.

Ye holds an Bachelor of Music from Central Conservatory of Music, Musicology in Western History of Music with Dr. Yu, Zhigang and Dr. Peter Allcop from Oxford University, England, Piano with Dr. Guo, Zhihong, Harpsichord with Dr. Shen, Fanxiu and Piano coach with Dr. Hu, Shixi in China. Ye holds a Master of Arts in Musicology in Music Reception from University of Calgary with Dr. Friedemann Sallis.

Throughout her musical career, she has performed in numerous concerts and events, impressing audiences with her exceptional skills and musicality. She served as a harpsichord coach for Baroque opera Venus and Adonis in 2011, and piano coach for Chinese Opera Jing Ke in 2012, and Piano soloist in 2014, 2015 Chinese lunar new year at Calagry Chinese Culture Centre, and Piano accompanist for CMC Calgary Violin division in 2022, 2023 at Calgary district.

Ye is not only a talented musician but also a dedicated educator. She is a Royal Conservatory of Music Advanced Teaching Specialist in Piano, theory and Harmony, Certified Music for Young Children teacher, Certified Early Childhood Montessori Teacher.

She combines her passion for music theory, music history and piano to create a unique and comprehensive learning experience for her students. Her teaching approach involves integrating music history and theory with practical piano lessons, providing her students with a well-rounded understanding of music as an art form.

Ye continues to inspire and motivate her students with her passion and talent for music. She serves as an inspiration for young musicians everywhere, demonstrating that with hard work, dedication, and a love for music, anyone can achieve their dreams and can reach their full potential as musicians.


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