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Erhei Liang (Toronto)

Music Director of the CAST Philomusica Orchestra

Erhei Liang studied, since 1974, with Professors Tong Sang and Mingzhi Chen, in the Composition & Conducting Department at Shanghai Conservatory of Music.  After graduation in 1977, besides teaching musical theory at the Conservatory, he was involved with the research programmes on musical theory and the Tang dynasty music directed by Professor Dong Yie, a well-known theorist and Dunhuangologist.

In 1986, he began his advanced studies, with an American composer, Dr. Constantinides, at Louisiana State University, USA. Meanwhile, he appeared, as a pianist and assistant conductor with the LSU New Music Ensemble. He received his MMA in 1988, DMA in 1992. He composed much during his stay in the USA, including Symphonies, concertos, chamber music, electronic music, solo and choral music. Liang’s works were televised and performed on various occasions, including the LSU Festival of Contemporary Music, Southwest Contemporary Music Festival, Conference of The Sonnek Society of American Music, and at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York.

Since his immigration to Toronto in 1991, he has devoted himself in music, and is now an associate composer of Canadian Music Centre, the president of the Chinese Artists Society of Toronto, the executive director of the Toronto Chinese Piano & String Teachers’ Association, the conductor of Xiaoping Chorus, the artistic director of the Academy of Chamber Music for Young Musicians, and the composer-in-residence of Hong Kong Chamber Chorus for which he has composed a lot of choral works, including cantatas “The Transfiguration of a Sea Gull”, “The Coquette of Southern China”. In Toronto, a great number of his compositions have been performed in numerous concerts and recitals; especially in the concerts exclusively for his own compositions, in 1994 and 2001, including a multimedia work “Maid of the Mist”. His recent compositions include “Romantic Concert of Shanghai Night”, “Variations on a Tune from Canon Album”, “Festival Rhapsody”, “Nightingales”, a multidisciplinary work “Songs of Love”, cantata “Cradle on Horseback”, overture “Wang Gui and Li Xiang Xiang”,  “Eastern Impressions” for Flute, Harp and Orchestra, and Legend of Lady Meng Jiang for viola and orchestra”,Variations on a Theme of Red Sorghum by Ah Kun, Concerto for Soprano and Orchestra, “Song and Dance” a Fantasia for Violin & Orchestra, “Joyful Spring” Fantasy Variations for Piano & Orchestra, and Cantata “Poems from Song Dynast.


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Toronto — Unit 221, 10856 Bayview Ave, Richmond Hill ON L4S 1L7

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